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TrigasFI Seminar Flow Measurement and Calibration

For Liquids and Gases

At TrigasFI, we calibrate, adjust and program thousands of flowmeters every year. As a result, we have gained a deep and exceptional knowledge of the characteristics of many flow measurement principles. We know how best to calibrate, install and operate them for the best possible accuracy and reliability. We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers through our training courses, seminars and on-site consultations.

2024 Seminar Flow Measurement and Calibration

Measurement principles of flow meters for liquids and gases, accuracy, performance, furthermore calibration techniques and procedures.

German: 24.09. - 26.09.2024

English: 30.09. - 02.10.2024

Featuring a networking event: Lunch at the Munich Oktoberfest.

Seminar fee: 1.750 € (excl. VAT) per seminar and participant*

*Early Bird: for registration until 31st of May 2024 only 1.250 € (excl. VAT) per participant

This seminar is aimed at interested parties in the areas of purchasing, calibration, engineering and all users of flow meters.

It is designed as a neutral, manufacturer-independent seminar. The focus is on the physical fundamentals, the operation of modern flow measurement techniques, the theory and technology of calibration as well as metrological traceability.


The speakers in this seminar are specialists from the R&D and application departments in the field of flow measurement technology.

Content of Seminar


Flow Measurement Principles Liquid
Flow Measurement Principles Gas
Calibration and traceability

Overview of the different measuring principles

Types of flowmeters for liquid and gas
Coriolis, PD, thermal flowmeters, MID, vortex, LFE, ultrasonic, turbine, VA, orifice,venturi….
Selection procedure for the different flowmeters
Applications for the different measuring technologies
Flowmeter specification and analysis
Uncertainty of measurement and variables influencing the measurement

Uncertainty of measurement

Statistical methods – GUM
Traceability, certification, accreditation, ISO17025, calibration protocol

Practical aspects of flow measurement

Installation conditions, effects of flow profile and prior disturbances
Viscosity, moisture and density effects
Pressure, temperature, compressibility
Consideration of the influence of the response time of flow meters

Practical aspects of flow calibration

Calibration methodology
Calibration methods for liquid and gas flowmeters
Volumetric, gravimetric, master method, critical nozzles, high pressure gas calibration….
Uncertainty of measurement, traceability to national Standard
Calibration of gas flowmeters for hydrogen refueling stations


Day 1: Morning and afternoon seminar
Day 2: Morning seminar, afternoon networking at the Oktoberfest
Day 3: Morning seminar, afternoon guided tour through the calibration laboratory, discussion

For further information please take a look at our seminar flyer.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel any scheduled seminar for various reasons, e.g. illness of the trainer, if the number of enrolled attendees is too low or in any force majeure. In case of cancellation by the organizer, already paid registration fees will be credited. Any other claims are excluded.