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Ultra-fast flow calibration

with free-of-charge slot reservation

Ultra-fast flow calibration with free-of-charge slot reservation

Let us schedule your calibrations before the flowmeters arrive at our premises

To minimize your downtime and offer you the shortest possible turnaround times for calibration of your flowmeters, TrigasFI GmbH offers free Slot Reservation (pre-planning). This enables us to complete your orders faster, individually and in high quality.

The advantage of reserving a slot for the calibration of your flowmeter is that you minimize the time during which the device cannot be used on your premises. This is because Slot Reservation gives us the opportunity to plan your order as soon as your purchase order arrives, without having to receive the goods.

Our free-of-charge offer to ensure lightning-fast turnaround time and minimal downtime.

  • As soon as we receive your purchase order, we schedule your calibration
  • We notify you of the planned calibration date that we have reserved for your measuring device via an order confirmation
  • We reserve the agreed calibration date in our calibration laboratory
  • As soon as the order is recorded, the required resources such as manpower, materials and machines are planned and scheduled
  • You send us the goods and ensure that they arrive before the calibration date (at least 1 day before)
  • Your calibrations are carried out in the shortest possible time and the flowmeters are returned to you within a few days instead of weeks

Fast response time and maximum customer focus

Minimized idle times


Reduced duplication of effort


Rapid order processing


On-time deliveries


Efficient allocation of resources


Creates competitive advantage


If you would like to make use of the slot reservation option, please inform our sales team so that they can make the necessary arrangements. Please note that the “clock starts ticking” when your order is received and the lead time applicable at that time is decisive.


Slot reservation offers the option of scheduling an order as soon as the order arrives, without the goods having to be received by TrigasFI.

The slot reservation does not specify a future day for a calibration. A slot is reserved in the queue for the goods based on the delivery intervals (TAT) at the time the order is received.

The slot reservation minimizes the time during which you cannot use the flowmeter on your premises, it does not shorten the actual throughput time (TAT) during calibration.

As the lead time is constantly changing depending on the volume of orders, the TAT stated in the offer may no longer be valid if the order is received after a longer period of time.

If the goods do not arrive on time, it may not be possible to carry out the calibrations as originally planned and they may have to be postponed based on the current order situation.

If the goods received do not match the goods described in the order, the calibrations may need to be rescheduled based on the current lead time.

The goods are then rescheduled and a new order confirmation is sent with the new planned calibration date.

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