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Research and Development

Our progress as a society is highly dependent on research and development. So is more effective use of our resources and, last but not least, the future of our business activities . Universities, institutes and countless development departments of the private sector devote themselves to this task every day. And they, as a group constitute a significant proportion of TrigasFI’s customers.

Accurate measurements are essential for research and development. What is measured incorrectly in the development stages can later lead to considerable deviations in the production process. Therefore great importance is attached to precision, long-term stability and repeatability.

Research department University of Cologne, bioreactor

Which flow meters are suitable for this? And if they have been in use for a while, how accurate are they still?

As a rule, the required measuring devices must be suitable for different test setups and applications and, if possible, they must also be adaptable. They must be able to generate reliable results with new medium, a new viscosity or density, temperature and pressure fluctuations.

And since these are test systems or laboratory applications, usually quantities must be measured. These can be in the milliliter or even microliter range for both liquids and gases. And as they are very accurate measuring instruments, it means that they require even more accurate calibration standards for verification. A task for the specialist!

TrigasFI is a competent partner for research and development. We are happy to assist you with advice on all aspects of flow measurement and calibration. And we calibrate your existing devices according to your specifications, taking into account the actual application conditions.

Our calibration ranges

Gases: We offer accredited flow calibration on our Sonic Nozzle test benches up to 20000 Nl/min. With two primary Bell Provers and Laminar Flow Element test benches we can calibrate as low as 0.1 Nml/min.

We calibrate not only with air, but also with many non-hazardous gases. Please contact our lab for details.

Liquids: We calibrate with our accredited Displacer/Piston calibrators over a range from 0.00005 l/min (0.05 ml/min) up to 2000 l/min. With these primary flow standards we calibrate with an overall accuracy of 0.04 % of the measured value.

With our high-flow water loop we can calibrate at flows up to 5000 l/min.

Download our DAkkS Certificate for more information.

Onsite-Calibrations for Research and Development

Some critically important systems cannot be removed from their installations and sent the laboratory for calibration. As a result, TrigasFI technicians regularly visit the premises of customers worldwide to carry out on-site calibrations.

With suitable preparation not only the measuring instrument itself but also the complete measurement assembly can be calibrated. This allows the installation effects to be taken into account, resulting in even more accurate flow measurement results.

TrigasFI calibration technicians work closely with your specialists in research and development to provide you with meaningful test data. Above all, this synergism ultimately results in better understanding of the performance of your equipment.

Our service for research and development

In addition to calibration we also service and repair your instruments. If it is not possible to do so directly in our premises or, we gladly organize repairs with the original manufacturers for you. As a result you receive your instruments back fully functional and calibrated.

If a repair is no longer economically viable, we will be happy to provide objective, non-partisan advise on a replacement instruments. If you wish, we will also procure and independently calibrate the replacement equipment.

Our service offering to you is complemented by our own flow test bench design and construction, as well as manufacturer-independent flow training seminars.

DAkkS ISO 17025 accredited Calibrations

Throughout the industry, DAkkS calibrations are more and more frequently requested because they guarantee traceability to national and international standards. ISO/IEC 17025 is in principle the “book” for all calibration laboratories. There are many similarities with ISO 9000, but ISO 17025 is much more concrete and direct about procedures and standards and how they relate to the competence of a calibration laboratory.

We are DAkkS accredited not only for calibrations that we perform in our Neufahrn Lab, but for on-site calibrations as well, performed at your locations.

You can download our accreditation certificates here. In the annexes you will find a listing of certified uncertainties and can use this information to determine if the laboratory meets your requirements.

Trigas offers you here one of the highest accuracy standards with one of the widest measuring ranges.

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