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Cost-effective calibration

Alicat M- and MC-Series

Cost-effective calibration of Alicat flowmeters from the M and MC series

Accurate and reliable gas flow controllers are critical to ensure and control a stable flow. Whether you need precise control of gas flow in research laboratories, manufacturing plants, bioreactors or other technical areas, Alicat’s mass flow meters and controllers offer the performance, flexibility and reliability to meet requirements and ensure smooth operation.

Alicat® flow meters, like all measuring devices, should be calibrated regularly. Calibration is an important process to ensure that the flow meter’s displayed readings match the actual flow rates and that the readings are traceable to national standards. This is an essential component of quality management.

The recommended period for recalibration is once a year for most Alicat® devices. A label on the back of the device indicates the date of the last calibration.

We offer you a
cost-effective calibration for air calibration of
Alicat® devices of the M and MC series

The precise calibrator*1 works with an ISO17025 calibrated Alicat® Flow Controller (MC-Unit) and an ISO17025 calibrated Alicat® Flow Meters (M-Unit). Both highly accurate and selected master meters are therefore traceable to national standards. A corresponding master is used for each specific flow range, covering the range from 0.5 Nml/min to 1,000 Nl/min.


Sie erhalten zu jedem Alicat® Durchflussmessgerät der Serie M oder MC einen auf nationale Normale (PTB) rückführbaren Kalibrierungsbericht, auf Wunsch auch ein „As-Found“ und nach der Justage ein „As-Left“ Kalibierprotokoll, um zu dokumentieren, dass das Gerät innerhalb der Spezifikationen arbeitet.*2

Sollte eine Kalibrierung nach ISO17025 gewünscht sein, so können wir diese natürlich auf unseren, von der DAkkS akkreditierten Kalibierständen durchführen.

  • Shorter throughput times
    Our largely automated calibration method makes it possible to adjust presettings, after which the majority of the calibration process runs automatically.
    The MCM calibration system is designed exclusively for Alicat® MC and M units.
    This means less downtime for your measuring device.
  • Cost efficient
    The fast and automated calibration method enables cost-effective testing of devices. Calibration requires minimal manual intervention, which significantly reduces overall working time.

Reasons why the calibration of Alicat flow meters and regulators is important:

Calibrated flow meters support compliance with strict regulations and standards and trace the measurement results back to national standards (in Germany at the PTB Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) with a defined measurement uncertainty budget.

Precise measurements are crucial to avoid measurement errors in processes; regular calibration ensures correct measured values.

Process control
Calibrated flow meters ensure quality, efficiency and safety.

Fault detection
Regular calibration identifies deviations that indicate performance problems at an early stage and enables timely maintenance.

Trustworthy data
Reliable, calibrated flow meters provide accurate information for analysis, research and reporting to prevent erroneous conclusions.

Cost control
Calibrated measuring devices minimize unnecessary consumption of resources and reduce operating costs through precise measurements.

*1 ±0.32 % of reading or ±0.02 % of full scale, whichever is greater.

*2 Standard accuracy: see specification for your device.