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Liquid Onsite Calibrations


Liquid Onsite Calibrations. We measure it. Anywhere!

If your flowmeter cannot be removed from the line or is so urgently needed that cannot be shipped off site without expensive process downtime, TrigasFI will gladly come to you. We bring our portable Flow Transfer Standard to your facility and calibrate your flowmeters on site and under the actual conditions of use.

TrigasFI is DAkkS ISO 17025 accredited to perform DAkkS certification liquid onsite calibrations at your facility.

What does Trigas do differently?

Most importantly, reference meters are selected for each job to match the customer’s requirements.  Then the selected references are custom calibrated under the customer’s actual operating conditions.  This method ensures the best possible accuracy.   

Our employee list includes experts with previous experience with well known flowmeter manufacturers.

Our calibration specialists receive periodic training as part of cooperation programs we have in place with many flowmeter manufacturers.

Combining our expertise with the use of primary and secondary standards of different operating principles, we offer the best calibration precision among DAkkS accredited calibration laboratories.

We are impartial! TrigasFI is not associated with any flowmeter manufacturer. Being an Independent DAkkS laboratory ensures unbiased, reliable calibration results.

Ranges and Specifications for Liquid Onsite Calibrations

For liquid onsite calibrations we bring highly accurate references that have been prepared in our laboratory with a current DAkkS calibration.

Depending on what type of flow meter we should calibrate for you, we select the right measuring principle with an accuracy suitable for your application. Depending on the chosen reference, we can offer the following accuracies:

Liquid Onsite Calibrations with our Transfer Standard:

Volumetric Flow Ranges:

Volumetric flowUncertainty
0,03 l/min to 2.000 l/min+/- 0.09% of reading
10 l/min to 5000 l/min+/- 0,12% of reading

References: Turbines,  PD Meters, Coriolis (*)

Mass Flow Ranges:

0,025 kg/min to 2.000 kg/min+/- 0,09% of reading
10 kg/min to 5000 kg/min+/- 0,12% of reading

References: Turbines(*), PD Meters (*), Coriolis

* Conversion of volume to mass and vice versa over density.

Preparation of onsite service

For an optimal preparation of an onsite calibration service, we ask you kindly to enclose the following documents:

Save valuable time and additional questions for a easy processing!

Onsite maintenance and service of calibrators

Trigas calibrates not only flow meters. Due to our own extensive experience with various flow calibrators and testers, we offer worldwide service for various flow calibrators (also brands from other manufacturers). So it doesn’t matter whether you bought your calibrator from us or not, we take care of maintenance, recalibration or water draw at your location with expert staff.

We also build and maintain special machines, such as turbine blade testers for the aircraft industry or power generation.

Some of the flowmeters we calibrate, adjust and repair