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Calibration of Flowmeters

for Liquids

Liquid Flowmeter Calibrations

TrigasFI has performed more than 100,000 gas and liquid flowmeter calibrations over the past 30 years. We are one of few laboratories able to calibrate with actual viscosities and real fluids. So we are ensuring high performance calibrations which are representative of actual operating conditions. Thanks to our experience, you can be sure that your flow meter will be optimally calibrated and adjusted. A properly calibrated device can save the cost of investing in new hardware.

Certified Quality

Liquid flowmeter calibrations – TrigasFI is DAkkS ISO 17025 accredited and can provide DAkkS certification for practically all Gas and Liquid flowmeter calibrations performed in our lab.

Service Center for TrigasDM Flowmeters

Our technicians are factory trained to perform Calibrations of TrigasDM Flowmeters, Electronics programming and scaling as well as most mechanical and electrical repairs. Fast turnaround and compliance to factory specifications is guaranteed.

What does Trigas do differently?

Our employee list includes experts with previous experience with well known flowmeter manufacturers.
Our calibration specialists receive periodic training as part of cooperation programs we have in place with many flowmeter manufacturers.
Combining our expertise with the use of primary and secondary standards of different operating principles, we offer the best calibration precision among DAkkS accredited calibration laboratories.

We are impartial! TrigasFI is not associated with any flowmeter manufacturer. Being an Independent DAkkS laboratory ensures unbiased, reliable calibration results.

The target turnaround time for calibrations is five work days. Depending on workload, we are sometimes challenged to maintain adherence to this target, but since we know how important it is to avoid process interruptions, for emergencies we also offer a 24-hour service, and when the need is dire, even calibrate-while-you-wait service.

We will gladly organize pick up and delivery of your sensitive equipment. Depending upon location this is done by means of our own driving service or by our transport partners. 

Ultra-fast flow calibration with free-of-charge slot reservation

Let us schedule your calibrations before the flowmeters arrive at our premises

To minimize your downtime and offer you the shortest possible turnaround times for calibration of your flowmeters, TrigasFI GmbH offers free Slot Reservation (pre-planning). This enables us to complete your orders faster, individually and in high quality.

The advantage of reserving a slot for the calibration of your flowmeter is that you minimize the time during which the device cannot be used on your premises. This is because Slot Reservation gives us the opportunity to plan your order as soon as your purchase order arrives, without having to receive the goods.

Our free-of-charge offer to ensure lightning-fast turnaround time and minimal downtime.
Get your free slot reserved now!

Ranges and Specifications for Standard Liquid Flowmeter Calibrations:

Piston/Displacer Primary Standards

Oils and Water:

  • 0.00005 l/min (0.05 ml/min) to 1500 l/min
  • 0.00004 kg/min (0.04 gr/min) to 1500 kg/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.03% (0.04% with DAkkS certificate)
  • Viscosity range: 0.5-2000 mm²/s

Mass Flow Loop, Water only:

  • up to 5000 l/min – 5000 kg/min *
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.05% (0.09% with DAkkS certificate)

* Due to repair work, we currently only offer calibrations up to 4700 l/min.

Required Documents

When you send us devices for calibration, we kindly ask you to enclose the following documents:

Save valuable time and additional questions for a easy processing and fast turnaround time!

TrigasFI Pick Up Service for Gas Flowmeter Calibrations

We will gladly organize pick up and delivery of your sensitive equipment. Depending upon location this is done by means of our own driving service or by our transport partners – please contact us.

some of the flowmeters we calibrate, adjust and repair