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To save you e-mails or phone calls, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about the TrigasDM GH2+ measuring system for you.

The devices must be tested every two years at the end of the calendar year.

Testing is carried out on the ISO17025 accredited gas test bench (critical nozzles) with highly compressed dry air.

The conformity assessment is a test for compliance with legal regulations that is necessary for placing a measuring device on the market for custody transfer. Conformity assessment also plays an important role in ensuring quality, safety and environmental compatibility.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Calibration is a recurring metrological test after a legally defined calibration cycle has expired. It is important to note that calibration must be carried out in accordance with legal requirements and that the use of non-calibrated or non-compliant measuring devices can have legal consequences in many cases.

The responsibility here lies with the operator.

The order must be placed at least 6 weeks before the calibration date to ensure that the lead time of 5 working days can be met.

-> Cleaning of the systems (no residues/contamination in the system to prevent damage to the test bench)

-> Packaging according to instructions

Installation, dismantling and maintenance can be carried out by our authorized and trained service partners (Kläser, Frank Fahrzeugbau, Lindenau Fulltankserivce, TrigasFi GmbH, VCT-Vogel).