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Calibration and verification

of H2 filling stations and H2 dispensing systems

First calibration laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025 for calibration of H2 filling stations and filling and dispensing systems

Since October 2022 TrigasFI GmbH is the first calibration laboratory worldwide accredited according to DAkkS ISO 17025 for the calibration of H2 filling stations and filling and dispensing systems. With this service, the calibration of H2 filling stations can also be carried out in cooperation with the calibration offices.

TrigasFI GmbH is currently pioneering and writting history in the calibration of H2 filling stations and H2 delivery systems. Hydrogen can become a central building block for the success of the energy transition and enable CO2-free mobility.

Hydrogen is an important energy carrier especially in the mobility sector and the requirements for the calibrated dispensing of H2 for consumers is similar to gasoline filling stations and natural gas filling stations. The consumer must be sure that the displayed value is within defined calibration error limits.

TrigasFI GmbH is currently the only company worldwide with a high-pressure gas calibration facility, accredited according to ISO 17025, which fulfills the requirements to test devices that measure and charge hydrogen quantities in custody transfer. These are, for example, mobile H2 dispensing systems mounted on truck trailers or on-site validation of hydrogen refueling stations.

With our mobile measurement systems we can carry out a measurement campaign or calibration in cooperation with the respective calibration office of hydrogen filling stations and dispensing systems all year round and independent of weather conditions within approx. 4 hours. In Germany and neighboring countries, we offer these services in cooperation with H2 Mobility.

Our RMS Hydrogen Reference Measurement System enables a complete metrological test to be carried out within a few hours, e.g. at a hydrogen filling station. The measurement results of our RMS are the basis for the custody transfer test of the plant or an acceptance measurement according to SAE J2601.

You are an operator or manufacturer of hydrogen filling stations or H2 dispensing systems and want to have your system metrologically tested, calibrated or validated. We will be happy to help you or make you an offer.