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ISO 17025

Calibration laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

ISO/IEC 17025 (formerly ISO/IEC Guide 25) is basically the “bible” for all calibration laboratories. It is a management system for laboratories to set the standards for validation and interpretation of calibrations and shows the high standard of our technical competence.

Our DAkkS accreditation for laboratory – quality management ISO/IEC 17025 shows that our focus is on national standards traceable measurement results with a defined measurement uncertainty for our customers.

As of October 2022, TrigasFI is the world’s first calibration laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 for the calibration of H2 filling stations and H2 dispensing systems. More…

Accredition – our certification

DAkkS ISO17025 Accreditation

DAkkS ISO17025 Annex

In-House DAkkS Calibration Ranges

For Liquids

For oil and water calibrations:  
Volumetric flow:0,05 ml/min to 2000 l/min0,04% uncertainty (*)
Mass flow:0,04 g/min to 2000 kg/min0,05% uncertainty (*)
* Best awarded by DAkkS  
For water calibrations only:  
Volumetric flow:10 up to 5000 l/min0,09% uncertainty
Mass flow:10 up to 5000 kg/min0,11% uncertainty

For Gases

Volumentric flow:0,0001 to 20000 nl/min in Air0,26% to 0,59% uncertainty
Mass flow:0,00015 to 24000 g/min in Air0,24% to 0,36% uncertainty


See scope of accreditation for N2, Ar, He, H2, CH4, CO2, C3H8 and mixtures

Pressure up to 15 bar for gas flow measurements

n-Site DAkkS Calibration Ranges

For Liquides

For oil and water calibrations:  
Volumentric flow:0,03 to 5000 l/min0,09% bis 0,12% uncertainty
Mass flow:0,025 to 5000 kg/min0,09% bis 0,12% uncertainty

For Gases

Air Calibrations:  
Volumetric Flow:0,001 bis 10000 l/min in Air0,37% bis 0,42% uncertainty
Mass Flow:0.00129 bis 12900 g/min in Air0,41% bis 0,43% uncertainty


Accreditation ranges for N2, Ar, He, H2, CH4, CO2, C3H8 and their mixtures can be found in our certificate.

For H2-filling stations and filling and dispensing systems

up to 1070 bar  
Mass flow:10 to 1500 kg/h0,54% to 1,2% uncertainty
up to 350 bar  
Mass flow:80 to 2000 kg/h1,2% uncertainty

Detailed accuracies for the individual measuring ranges can be found in our current ISO 17025 certificate and the associated appendix.

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